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Musical Drumming, Book Three, Intermediate to Advanced book and CD package is aimed at students who have finished Musical Drumming, Book Two and any competent drummers looking to improve their playing and understanding of advanced rhythms, grooves and time signatures.
The focus of the Musical Drumming method is ‘application.’ Understanding the theory and systematically playing many variations of a groove is a crucial step in learning that technique well. However, if the final step of applying that skill to pieces of music is not taken, often that knowledge remains more theoretical than practical.
In 2005, five compositions from Musical Drumming, Book Three, Intermediate to Advanced were included on the VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education).  
·      Musical Drumming, Book Three, Intermediate to Advanced contains:
      • 131 Pages of music in 4 sections
            : Grooves & Techniques
            : Relative Rhythm
            : Drum fills & Soloing
            : Time signatures
      • A 40 track, 78 minute CD with         
             : 16 Songs (with & without drums versions)
            : 4 Drum Solos
            : 5 aural theory quiz questions
·       Section One: Grooves and Techniques
        A comprehensive guide to Advanced Grooves: shuffle funk, grace  
        notes, offbeat grooves, double time grooves, linear grooves and more are               covered in this section.
·       Section Two: Relative Rhythm
        This section explores and develops Rhythmic relationships. How does a                 quarter note triplet relate to a Septuplet? What is a hemidemisemiquaver? It           does this while developing players Rudiments at the same time.
·       Section Three: Drum Fills
        This section is about improving your technique and facility while having fun          exploring solo ideas in the context of drum fills. It approaches fill playing              and soloing from many angles: note value approach, fill length approach,              rhythmic approach, instrument approach, grouping approach, accent                    approach and the rudimental approach.
·       Section Four: Time Signatures
        The most comprehensive drum kit tuition on time signatures ever written. It           covers 47 different meters, everything from 2/2 to 19/16. It explains 1/2 note, 1/4         note, 1/8th note and 1/16th note time signatures separately, with snare drum           and drum kit exercises. It clearly explains the concept of a pulse, the                     difference between simple and compound time signatures and what an odd           time signature is. It applies this knowledge with eleven pieces, eight covering           individual meters and three multi-meter pieces. It also has nineteen aural time         signature questions, a flow chart to help students learn to aurally recognize           time signatures and numerous transcription examples from albums.
Recommended Retail price AU$49.95
Available from your local music store via Hal Leonard Australia
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