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Musical Drumming, Book Two, Beginner to Intermediate is designed for beginner secondary students up to mature aged students and covers all the skills necessary to perform confidently in a variety of styles. Included with the book is a 43 track play along CD.
I started writing this book back in 1998 after I'd been teaching for a few years. At that point in time I was getting frustrated. Despite the fact there were many books on the market that covered some areas well, there was none that covered all areas well. I would use one book for teaching notation, another for drumbeats, another with a CD for play along pieces and others for specialist areas like jazz and Latin. I also found my students exhibited a tendency to separate the reading and notational aspects of drumming from the ear and playing aspects. I knew there had to be a better way and finally out of desperation I decided to try and find that better way myself. A year later the first incarnation of Musical Drumming was born.  
In the books I have endeavored to teach in a thorough, logical way but most importantly I've tried to create a method that applies all skills learnt to actual pieces of music thereby converting new skills into usable skills. I cannot describe how exciting it has been for me to see my students accomplish so much more in the way of usable band skills, not to mention the reaction these students have received from parents, friends and band mates to their playing.
Features / Goals include:
·       ‘Musical Drumming’ is more than a collation of grooves; it is a teaching method,        designed to be worked through consecutively.
·    ‘Musical Drumming’ actually teaches students how to read and understand        drum charts by:
      1.     Teaching each new rhythm on the snare drum alone.
      2.     Applying that rhythm to the snare and bass drum.
      3.      Applying these rhythms to the kit as a whole.
      4.     Applying these kit patterns to a piece of music.
·        In addition to this ‘Musical Drumming’ teaches all the notational language               that appears commonly in charts, including, basic notation, dynamics, tempo,         as well as all commonly used musical terms (like D.S. al Coda etc.). This is         backed up by Six ‘Theory Quizzes’  to make sure it all sinks in.
·       The CD that goes with the book is not an optional extra but an integral part of         the ‘Musical Drumming’ teaching system. Each song has two versions, one with       drums and one without. The CD includes 15 songs, 6 snare drum solos, one        drum kit solo and 5 Aural theory quiz questions. Styles include rock, grunge,         punk, jazz, blues and a shuffle.
·      Drum kit exercises utilize the entire drum kit rather than just hats, kick and         snare.
·      Step by step instructions including photographs on how to play all the basic         rudiments.
·        Numerous one to four bar transcriptions of popular songs.
·      Musical Drumming has also been written as a companion guide for the             ‘AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) CPM Drum Kit Step One and         Two’ exams containing all the necessary beats and theory.
·      Musical Drumming encourages improvisation, individuality and creativity by         including improvisation exercises on each new technique.
·       Musical Drumming has great advice for students with guides to ‘buying your        first drum kit,’ technique guides to playing ‘rudiments,’ ‘setting up the drums,’        ‘effective practice,’ ‘looking after your ears,’ playing in bands, a ‘discography’ of         recommended listening, ‘tuning the drums,’ ‘melodic and harmonic basics,’ and         even some ‘drummer jokes.’
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