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Using different time signatures is a great way to add fresh flavours and colour to your playing, yet for many musicians it ends up in the too hard basket, so they just stick with the familiar 4/4 patterns that they know and love. Many are surprised at just how accessible this previously daunting area can be once a few simple concepts are understood. The purpose of this book is to unlock these keys and open up this wonderful new world.

As with all the books in the Musical Drumming series this is done in a clear and concise way in its four step teaching approach. Each new topic is mastered by:

• first explaining the theory in a clear and concise way, then by

• applying this understanding to simple snare drum rhythms, followed by

• many practical exercises that use these rhythms in drum kit patterns.

• The final step puts it all together by applying these new skills with play along backing tracks.

The CD contains 25 tracks covering all time signature areas, multi-metre pieces and aural theory questions. The songs are in many styles including, jazz, latin, country, rock, metal and fusion and have two versions: one with the drums to hear how it goes, and another without the drums to play along with.

Recommended retail price: AU$29.95

Available from your local music store via Hal Leonard Australia.

Order Code: 20130120